Sergio Alguacil

Sergio Alguacil is an actor who was born in Madrid, Spain. Sergio was always clear about what he wanted, since he was a child he already showed a lot of interest and talent for acting.
His acting career began when he was given the opportunity to play Salva in the Disney series «C.R.A.K.S.» At that time, Sergio had not studied anything about acting yet. After that, Sergio began studying acting in different schools in Madrid and with different film and casting directors.
He continued with advertising work and video clips. And he ended up finding an agent who would introduce him back to the world of fiction. During the years 2020 and 2021 he worked with various roles in different series, playing Cristian in the TVE series «Servir y Proteger» or Alberto in the short-film «17 minutes with Nora». Receiving several awards in his tour of international festivals. Sergio was also called to participate in the documentary film «El instante decisivo» by the production company La Caña Brothers. And the series «Por H o por B» on HBO.
In the year 2022 Sergio was selected to play Julio, the main character in the film «Slasher» by director Alberto Armas. Making this his debut on the big screen, the cinema.



Agent Amanda Rodríguez
+34 657 86 49 11

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